How To Write A Better Copy That Sells: 6 tips for writing a better copy

Do you want to learn how to write a better copy that actually leads to conversion and sales?



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Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of Marketing. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase Brand Awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.


“Copy is Not Written. A copy is assembled.” – Eugene Schwartz


The Copywriter role is so important in any marketing business, they enable the business to have a better copy that sells.

So, even if you are new to copywriting or want to improve your copywriting skills then this is the right article for you because we will discuss the way on how to write a better copy that sells.


In today’s world, where almost everything is reachable at our fingertips, writing a persuasive copy is at its best.

Copywriter role is very important in all aspects of content, be it digital marketing or a traditional method of marketing having a simple and good copy always leads to higher conversion.

Copywriting is essential even for content writing. A properly planned and well-written copy can help your post rank in search engines and hence, is useful for on-page SEO. 

We see copywriting everywhere, the ads that you see when you scroll your Instagram page, Facebook timeline, and the ads you see while you watch a Youtube video, there is always copywriting behind every ad.

Even though many people are confused between content writing and copywriting, they are totally different. 

Content writing includes writing for a blog post, content for a newsletter. While copywriting have only one Aim that is to make the conversion at the end.

Here are the 6 tips that you can practice which will help you write a better copy.


6 tips to write a better copy











Let me tell you one thing, whenever I searched things online I always looked at the headline of the content first.  If it doesn’t interest me then I don’t click on the link.

This is because the advertiser doesn’t know how to write a copy that sells.

Do you know that 8 out of 10 people read the headline of content but only 2 out of 10 people actually reads the content?

Meanwhile, what can you do to hook your reader in reading more of your content, so that you can write a better copy that sells?

Well, as a copywriter you must know how to write compelling headlines, your headline must always be clear and precise.

It should explain what your audience is going to get by reading your content from your headline alone.

You must be able to peek prospect curiosity through the headline.

That is to say, to write a good headline you need to practice and read.

And here are 7 exercises you can do as a copywriter.

As the saying goes ‘ learning is a never-ending process’. Therefore, you just continue practicing, reading, and learning more?



As a copywriter, you must have already known that you need to grasp your audience’s interest and attention.

If you cannot get their interest then do you think they will be reading your content? No right?

So, this step is very crucial for a copywriter’s journey and it is called A.I.D.A formula.


A- Attention


I – Interest


D – Desire


A – Action


Attention: As we have mentioned in the first step, your headline should get your reader’s attention.

You can think about your ideal customer, think about their problems, and a solution to their problems.

Since you think like your customer you know exactly what their pain points are . 

As a result,  you can get your reader’s attention.


Interest: You have already get your reader’s attention, so continue this by keeping your copy interesting by exciting them about what they will be getting at the end of the copy.

You can address their problems and join the conversation they already have in their head.

You can do this by methods that make the individual feel their pressing issues, which will then lead them to search for a solution.


Desire:  Since you already have the interest of your audience then, this is a stage where you will show your prospects how your services or products can help them with their problems.

In addition, tell them everything about your products/service features, benefits and illustrate how they can benefit from your products.

Most of your prospects at this stage are ready to invest in your product, which leads us to the next step.


Action: If your prospect has a desire to purchase from you then you should apply a call to action.

You can make a sense of urgency like limited-time deals, purchase now and get 10%, etc.

Lastly, you can add a call to action button so that your prospect doesn’t have to search for a page for what should be the next step after reading your copy.



Imagine you are reading an ad in your local newspaper and you cannot seem to get what the ads are about until the very end of it.

Would you recommend it to others to read it or would you like to find out about their advertisement? This will be a hard no for most of us.

Since we humans have such a short span of attention we want to understand things faster and we cannot wait for long.

However, instead of reading an overlong text ads page, if there is an ad that is short, clear, and precise then there is a higher chance that we will be clicking on the ads to learn more about it.

According to the study conducted by the American Press Institute, it shows that it is 711% easier to read and understand short sentences than longer ones when it comes to copywriting.

In conclusion, short sentences equal to better copy.



Let’s put it in a simple way like this hearing about the benefits of a product over feature is what always gets us into buying something.


Take, for example, the benefits and features of the umbrella as we can see from the below image


.Benefit over features


                                                                           Image via WebEngage Monk


From the example above, a feature of this particular umbrella might be it’s unbreakable or wind-resistant. While the benefit of it is staying dry even in strong winds that might break lesser umbrellas.


Or when Apple launches an iPod they do not advertise its features rather they advertise the benefits that people can get by buying the iPod.


benefit over features                                                                                           image by LWL


As we can see from the below example when Apple first introduced its iPod they do not advertise its features rather they highlight the benefits.

People want solutions to their problems, they come to the internet searching for solutions to their problem.

And that is why products/services benefit should be highlighted instead of its features.



F.O.M.O stands for Fear Of Missing Out.


You know when you search for products online that have an ongoing discount with limited-time deals. You tend to be buying those products without thinking about them for long.

Because there is a fear of missing out on the products.


                            image by SK


Using this method you can create urgency and scarcity of the products /services your offering.

You can use words like this to your copy – Limited time offer, Only 27 left, Don’t miss out offer ends at midnight.

It is always in human nature that we are certainly scared of scarcity, like when things are about to run out we want that particular thing, and so on.


I know it can be tough to get strong social proof when you are just starting.

Because even before your prospect can trust you they need to know that you are legit and are capable of solving their problems.

To build trust with them you can offer free services or products to your prospects.

For instance, you can feature the one who gets great results out of your services.

This way you can build people’s trust and brand awareness.

You can use your strongest form of social proof.




Now you know how you can write a better copy that actually leads to a sale, what is stopping you from writing a better copy?


What other tips do you know on how to write a better copy that sells? Let us know in the comment section.


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